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Ever have a sexual fantasy you've been afraid to share with a partner? Well fear not because here is a list of tried and true methods for sharing your most intimate desires:

1. Don’t keep it in- Fantasies are NORMAL and healthy to express in a relationship! Too often I see people who have kept a part of their sexual selves a secret for years or even decades. Your partner may not share your fantasy, but talking about it should ultimately bring you both closer and ideally more satisfied.

2. Have a sex check in-This is something you should be doing at least once, if not twice a year. Having a conversation about your sex life and discussing both things you like and things you would like to improve is one of the most basic ways to keep your love life form going stale after the honeymoon phase. Use these check ins as a way to explore new things on neutral ground.

3. Share your inspiration- Where did you learn about this fantasy? Whether it was an article, a website, porn, literotica, or all of the above, sharing where you’ve nurtured this fantasy may help your partner better understand and explore this fantasy with you.

4. Ask for their fantasy- Sharing is caring right? Your partner may also have things they’d like to try but have been hesitant to bring up. Oh, and if your partner doesn’t have a specific fantasy, know that that’s ok and normal too!

5. Make time to explore- Fantasies are great to talk about, but even better when you work to act on them. Whether it’s something you want to try just once or incorporate more regularly into your sex life, making it a priority to explore a fantasy can help you and your partner feel understood, accepted and loved.

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