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About Brittney, LMFT

Hello, my name is Brittney and I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. SpeakTeasy is a company I envisioned 10 years ago that has since been realized into a reality.  Over the past several years I've treated families and couples from all walks of life, serving clients in hospitals, in-home care, treatment centers, and outpatient clinics.  Currently, I am the couples therapy expert for a private practice in Massachusetts. Often, I would see that couples presented with similar problems, but had little access to quality information that would help them create long lasting and workable solutions.  Upon realizing this I began using evidence based practices along with real world experiences from my clients to develop my own series of seminars.


 My goal is to help couples achieve healthier, more satisfying relationships through improving communication, understanding their unique connection, and enhancing intimacy.  I have a solutions focused approach, and feel there is no "one size fits all" answer to solving relationship issues.  Through this I help couples build a solid foundation of trust and communication, upon which they can build a lasting physical and emotional connection.

I currently reside just outside of Boston with my husband Aaron, and our two babies: Our human baby Caspen, and our fur baby, Jaxon.  Outside of my professional life I am a closet Marvel fanatic, and love having debates on who is the greatest superhero of all time (in my opinion, it’s Spiderman).  My greatest joy in life has been being a mom and a full time entrepreneur.

About Me

About SpeakTeasy

SpeakTeasy is a creative twist on the 1920's slang word, speakeasy.  Speakeasys were establishments that sold alcohol in America during the prohibition.  Inadvertently, this created an underground culture where everyone from mobsters to suburban housewives were secretly clamoring to take part in the risque activities that were whispered from ear to ear in the daytime.  Similarly, we are at a point now where sex and intimacy are a part of our everyday lives, influencing everything from advertising to movies to debates over political ethics, and yet society as a whole remains woefully hush-hush on the subjects.  


SpeakTeasy is a relationship and intimacy advisory service. We provide high quality information that combines psychological research with every day practicality. Young or old, we have questions about our bodies, what feels good, and how to be an incredible lover.   SpeakTeasy can offer high quality information in a non-threatening, and more importantly, discreet way. SpeakTeasy brings the fire of prohibition rebellion to the masses by offering in-depth and exciting presentations, designed to showcase how a romantic desire burns inside each and every one of us. 



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