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1.) Cooking Classes- This gift is by far one of the most popular dates nights for couples. Not only do you get to spend time together doing something fun, but you learn invaluable skills in the process! A cooking class can be a great gift for someone who's love language is acts of service because cooking is often one of the ways you can support one another during times of stress. Eataly in Boston offers great in person cooking classes, or for a more intimate experience consider an online cooking class from The Effortless Kitchen.

2.) A Themed Date Night- Have someone who loves spending quality time together? Look no further than planning an outing with your partner in mind! This is essentially where you plan a date night around a specific theme; think: taking them for a hot chocolate tour at different bakeries in your area, recreating one of your favorite dates nights from your past, or even a private wine tasting (Scout & Cellar is a local company that offers this for couples!). If you're not a super creative person, consider The Adventure Challenge, a book that has surprise date night/ date day ideas to help you connect throughout the year.

3.) Subscription Boxes- Gifts can seem "easy" this time of year for people who have this love lagnuage, so why not step it up a notch by getting them a gift that keeps on giving? There are a plethora of subscription services that offer to send your loved one perosnalized items that will keep them feeling special long after the holidays. Think: candles, wine, cheese, the list is endless!

4.) Love Journal - This one may seem easy but in reality shows a great deal of effort and appreciation. A love journal is essentually a notebook where you each write down fond thoughts, feelings of love, and memories throughout the year, then read it to one another when the time is right. Committing to this can be a great way to show a partner, especially one who's love language is words of affirmation, how much you mean to them everyday. A regular old journal can do the trick for this one, but if you're looking for a way to take it up a notch, The Marriage Journal comes with weekly questions that help you and your partner connect on a more regular basis.

5.) Spicy Time - People who love physical touch often crave more than just a hug or a kiss, and look for an experience that's centered around connecting through touch. Consider booking a couple's massage or taking a dance class with one another.- Prolongued physical contact will help you feel warm in more ways than one through the cold holiday season.

And don't forget, the ultimate gift is being able to connect with one another. Elevate your relationship with one another by booking a SpeakTeasy Seminar. Whether you want to improve you communication, your intimacy, or just find ways to rediscover passion for one another, SpeakTeasy has the right seminar for you!

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