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What you will learn...
Sexual Compatibility
and Expectations 
  • Discover what expectations you and your partner have around intimacy

  • Explore how you learned about sex and understand how this shapes your view on relationships

  • Dispel common myths associated with sex and intimacy to create a healthier relationship

Desire, Arousal and the Relationship
  • Learn the science behind sexual attraction and arousal and how it relates to intimacy with your partner

  • Understand you and your partner's sexual response cues and how to keep sex on the brain

  • How to create a relaxing and enjoyable experience during intimacy

Sexual Activities, Tools, and Skills
  • Learn how successful couples incorporate intimacy into their every day life

  • Learn about sexual add ons (toys, games, etc...) and how each can enhance pleasure for you

  • Explore Sensate focus and Tantra techniques to have a fully immersive pleasure experience 

Session Format

The course is split into 4 segments, approximately 20-30 minutes in duration each. Each section includes practical exercises and discussion questions that help you and your partner immediately implement the skills reviewed in the presentation.  The presentations are designed to be interactive and client driven, where you can either review all the information at once or pause along the way to complete the suggested exercises.


Upon sign up you will receive a link to download the full course, which allows you the opportunity to review and practice the topics as many times as you wish.  You will also receive a comprehensive relationship exercise packet which will allow you and your partner to continue connecting in the weeks, months and years following the course.

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Romance and Intimacy 
  • Learn how desire and emotion are connected to sexual arousal

  • Explore how to effectively communicate your wants, needs and desires

  • Learn one another's love language and how to continually keep the spark alive

Sexual Education
  • Learn common misconceptions about sex and intimacy 

  • Explore how your mind and body works together during sex

  • Learn the anatomy of sex and how to increase your partner's pleasure during sex

Creating Your Ideal Sex Life
  • Discuss what you've learned with your partner and how you can each increase efforts towards intimacy

  • Create a do's and don'ts list with sex to establish healthy boundaries and clarify expectations

  • Establish a fun and healthy romance and intimacy routine that caters to both of your emotional and sexual needs

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