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What To Expect
  • Understand you and your partner's expectations for life after baby

  • Review common issues experienced by couples during and after pregnancy

  • Outline a plan for how to stay committed to your personal health, relationship, and family life

The Science of Pregnancy and Post Partum Issues
  • Learn the hormonal, chemical, and physical changes that happen to your body during and after pregnancy

  • Understand the effect on pregnancy on your brain and how this impacts your relationship

  • Learn about pre/postpartum anxiety and depression and how to cope with these issues

Delivery, Breastfeeding, and Recovery
  • Understand vaginal vs C-section deliveries and how this affects your body and capability for intimacy post partum

  • Review pros and cons of breastfeeding vs formula feeding and their impact on you and your partner

  • Learn about recovering after a baby and how you and your partner can use this time to connect and bond as a couple

Pre And Postpartum Issues For Men
  • Understand the psychology of what happens to the male brain during and after pregnancy

  • Help cope with the many changes experienced by men that are seldom reviewed by medical professionals

  • Understand the signs of post partum depression and anxiety for men

  • Learn skills to prepare for being both a father and a partner

Balancing Parenthood and Romance
  • Learn how to support one another's  intimacy needs after a baby

  • Discover ways to be romantic with one another while battling time and energy issues

  • Understand the unique bond created between partners by parenthood and how to capsize on this to strengthen your relationship

Sexuality and Intimacy After Baby
  • Learn unique tips and tricks for spicing up your relationship after a baby

  • Outline ways to prioritize your relationship and comitt to dating one another even after pregnancy

  • Learn fun and exciting ways to enhance your sex life 

Session Format

The course is split into the 6 topics listed above. Each section includes practical exercises and discussion questions that help you and your partner immediately implement the skills reviewed in the presentation.  The presentations are designed to be interactive and client driven, where you can either review all the information at once or pause along the way to complete the suggested exercises. This course is approximately 1 hour in duration.


Upon sign up you will receive a link to download the full course, which allows you the opportunity to review and practice the topics as many times as you wish.  You will also receive a comprehensive relationship exercise packet which will allow you and your partner to continue connecting in the weeks, months and years following the course.

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