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What you will learn...
Relationship Goals and Expectations
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses as a couple?

  • Understand your relationship expectations and life goals

  • How to utilize your commonalities and differences to become a power couple

Communication Skills
  • Learn you and your partners communication style

  • Understand the role of verbal and non verbal communication and how this impacts your relationship

  • Learn how to avoid negative communication patterns

Conflict Management Skills
  • Learn the different types of conflict styles and how each plays out in a relationship

  • Gain skills on how to manage conflict effectively by understanding how to de-escalate arguments, use active listening, and understand one another's point of view 

  • Learn how to use your specific strengths as a couple to problem solve effectively with one another

Romance& Intimacy
  • Learn your expectations for intimacy with one another

  • Understand the science of arousal, desire and sexual compatibility

  • Discover one another's love language and how to increase your efforts both in and outside of the bedroom

  • How to improve your sex life and keep the "spark" alive for years to come

Relationship Stressors
  • Learn strategies to deal with issues regarding finances, extended family, childcare, gender roles and more

  • Identify how you and your partner handle stress and how you can support one another's efforts to cope with external stress

  • Understand how these issues impact your relationship and what you can do to stop them from negatively affecting your relationship

Prioritizing Your Relationship
  • Understand the secrets to keeping love alive through the years

  • Learn the barriers to spending time with and loving on another and how you can overcome these 

  • Discover new, simple ways to show affection with your partner 

  • Gain valuable ideas for how to keep courting one another long after the first date

Session Format

The course is split into 5 segments, approximately 20-30 minutes in duration each. Each section includes practical exercises and discussion questions that help you and your partner immediately implement the skills reviewed in the presentation.  The presentations are designed to be interactive and client driven, where you can either review all the information at once or pause along the way to complete the suggested exercises.


Upon sign up you will receive a link to download the full course, which allows you the opportunity to review and practice the topics as many times as you wish.  You will also receive a comprehensive relationship exercise packet which will allow you and your partner to continue connecting in the weeks, months and years following the course.

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